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 Post subject: Test
PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:44 pm 
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GiffGaff EU Roaming Blog

GiffGaff now allow 14 days grace when Roaming in the EU just in case your roaming wasn't activated before you left.After this you may need to show proof of UK Residency.

You are only allowed 63 Days EU Roaming in a 4 month period.You must use the Sim-Card back in the UK to get some more roaming allowance back

Quick-List check here

Take a Blank unused GiffGaff Triple Sim pack with you just in case your Sim card fails.Then you can do a Sim-Swap in an Emergency.You can buy them for around a pound from Tesco/Argos/Poundland/Iceland.Do NOT activate the Sim.The Sim-Swap process does this for you.

Image Image

First Trick:

If you cannot get a Data connection but your calls and text are working then check in your Phone's Network settings and if it says 4G/LTE change it to 3G and restart the phone.Most EU countries don't support GiffGaff's 4G part of their deal.

Checklist whilst in the UK before you go on Holiday
(Fixes for when your are in the EU down the page)
Quick Tips if no EU Roaming. Always try just switching the phone off for a few mins and then restart it. Also put your Phone make and model into a Search Engine with the words Soft Reset.This is the same as taking the battery out for a few mins which is another trick that can work.
Note:You are only allowed a Maximum of 63 days EU roaming in any 4 month period.After this you have to use the Sim back in the UK to build up your Roaming allowance again. However if you have an Active GoodyBag but no Roaming in the EU you get reduced rates.

Click here for full info,

1:Check that you have enabled the roaming option in your phone's Settings/Network settings(Use the phone to make at least one call/text or connect to the Internet via Phone Data connection once enabled Whilst in the UK). If you don't know where these are just use a Search engine or Youtube with your Phone make and model with the words enable roaming.
Ignore any extra cost warnings as for the moment they are redundant.This may change after ,"Brexit" but I hope not.
2:Check that you are eligible for EU roaming in your Dashboard here(You must be logged in to your GiffGaff Account),

and look for this


If this section is grayed out you will not get your EU roaming GoodyBag allowance.See later for possible fixes.

3:If the above options are both enabled you may have to manually add the GiffGaff Network APN settings as the default O2 APN settings that get installed when you put the Sim in can give trouble when in the EU but the GiffGaff ones work both here in the UK and in the EU.

I've used these Network Settings with success in the EU especially Germany

Connection Name: giffgaff
Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set
Username: giffgaff ( vertigo for iPhones)
Password: [Blank]
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10
Authentication Type: "PAP or CHAP"
APN type: default,supl,mms
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified
MVNO value: 23410x

But don't forget to Save them and "Check" they have been saved and then restart the phone.

Also there are occasions where the phone won't let you change the APN settings on Android phones so see this post,


When You Get There(Problems)
1:When you get off the Aircraft Restart your phone.This will help it pick the new and hopefully correct Network.

2:If you are going by Ferry/Cruise ship switch your Phone Data Off or use Flight mode.

Ferries have their own Networks that override your phone's Network/s and are expensive. Same with their WiFi.Just try not to use the phone much on Ferries or Cruises if you want to save money.

3:If you are in a country like France and are near the Swiss border or on the coast near the Channel Islands be careful as the Phone might flick over to one of their none GoodyBag compliant Networks . Same with the Turkish part of Cyprus. If this happens do a Manual Scan for a Network and keep trying each on until you find one that works with your GoodyBag

4:Also in Northern Ireland, borders with Eire can cause problems

5:If you still have trouble go into your Network settings again and scan for Networks and try a Different one. For example at the time of posting Greece is having trouble with it's,"Cosmote" Network. GiffGaffers have found by scanning and changing to Vodafone or Wind Networks they got their EU GoodyBag Roaming back.
6:If you didn't enable your Roaming option on your phone before you left there' still hope.You can send Proof-Of-Residency from your phone or Internet and ask an,"Agent" to switch on the Roaming.

If you like you can read My Experience with GiffGaff in Germany

When You Get Back(Problems)

Note:If you have trouble getting a connection back in the UK you may have to manually re-enter your GiffGaff Network APN details again. Save them and ,"Check" they are saved and restart the phone as changing Networks from the EU can mess them up when you get back.
If you are still having problems after returning.

Go to Phone Settings menu
Click Language(Language & Input on some phones)
Click Language and Region
And click Language
Change to a different Language and restart the phone'
Settings>Apps and let the list populate then...

Repeat above but change back to English and restart the phone.

If this blog or posts on the GiffGaff forum have helped please click the,"Best Answer" and or the,"Kudos" button so we know it's been

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