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Starter motor servicing

Postby Gman » Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:16 pm

1:Disconnect Battery both terminals and put on charge and check condition and top up if required(Distilled water/rain water).

2:Disconnect main Heavy Duty Starter motor cable from solenoid.

3:Remove the two M6 8 mm Head(Sometimes 10mm head) starter to engine bolts at the rear of the starter motor.

4:Use Large flat blade screwdriver between Starter and engine to prise Starter away from engine and manoeuvre out.

5:Remove cable from Starter motor body remembering that this is an Insulated arrangement and this is a Positive
power cable and therefore is isolated from the Starter motor body by the fibre/rubber washers.

Clean the 2 starter motor long locking bolts with a wire brush so there's no corrosion near any of the threads etc Both Ends.Soak liberally with rust penetrating fluid like WD40 or better sill invest in some ACF50 and you may have to apply heat. ... B0761TV16Y

See picture below using Vise grips if required and a good Phillips screwdriver to loosen and remove the two bolts.


Once the bolts are out remove the Main inner body but see Warning Later on about Washers


Then remove the small Brush end cover and you should have this,


Clean the outer cover and all components with Carb/Brake cleaner and I use Toilet roll as a disposable wipe.I use Scotchbrite to clean the commutator lightly to brighten/refresh and the old toothbrush to then clean all the slits until spotless.
You should check the Brushes for wear but they are very robust and most likely not worn enough to need replacing.The commutator is the small brass/copper end of the Starter inner shaft that sits inside the brushes when fitted.


The underneath of the plate that holds the brushes must be bright-clean bare metal as must the edge of the starter casing it sits on.This is the main Ground/Earth contact point for the assembly.Also the two flat areas of the case that go to the engine bracket and the engine bracket must also be bare-clean metal as this is the ground contact point for the Starter body.

You may have noticed that I have to Aerosol cans I use.The 2nd one is another must have for bikes etc e.g Electrical Switch cleaner.When I've done cleaning with the Carb cleaner I clean again with this as it helps electrically lubricate the electrical parts.

When re-fitting you should place the large inner part of the Starter 1st as you will have to push back the spring loaded brushes to allow the Inner shaft to fit correctly,


Warning!!!! In the above picture and on the end of the shaft there is a Fibre washer and then a steel washer sunken into the shaft-end.You need these as they make sure there's no play in the starter shaft when re-assembled.Make sure you don't lose these and they go back on if it comes off otherwise the Starter inner shaft will move too much inside the body and become faulty by undue wear.

Fit the Large Inner Starter arrangement 1st.When you have the large part in you can fit the end-cap.You must line this up with the Bolt holes for the two long thin bolts to go back in but to not fully tighten until you have also spun Both ends around so that the Stub bolt where the Positive Cable goes will be in a position where the cable will bolt back on easily usually on top of the starter.

You should test the Starter before re-fitting on your Battery to make sure it spins freely.Then you can re-fit but also check the small O-ring oil seal on the engine end of the Starter to make sure it's OK otherwise you may get an oil leak.
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