Fork Seals Replacement

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Fork Seals Replacement

Postby Gman » Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:50 pm

Only use Quality Japanese Fork seals.Some of the cheap Ebay ones won't last.The brand I recommend is Kyoto.In the UK this supplier,

Jack up the bike if possible if doing in-bike.This also takes the pressure off the fork springs so the caps can be taken off easier and put back on easier,


Tip.Undo the Allen bolt in the fork bottom before slacking off or removing the fork leg but watch for the fluid coming out so have a container ready.

Dust cover off/Cir-clip off/Carefully prise old seal out so as not to damage the soft inner fork alloy(Use plastic rod or similar if possible)

Flush out the forks with solvent/kerosene or even gasoline and then I use my car power washer to blow right through.Then Compressed air blow dry.If you do not have a compressor even a cycle pump can be used to speed up drying or last flush use Carb/Brake cleaner as that evaporates quick(Which I have also used).

Clean the inner area where the seal is to go.Keep old Fork seal and lay it on top of the new one to help prevent damage.I smear some fork oil on the outer edges of the new seal to help it slide in.I use a flat piece of wood on top of the old seal and a rubber mallet or a piece of PVC plastic tubing of the correct diameter to gently tap the seal down.

TiP:Once done wipe the top of the cir-clip and then smear a ring of grease around the top of the seal.This will help prevent the clip rusting and the top of the seal drying out.

Note:The kind of oil seal used in the forks is the same design as other sprung skirted oil seals.These ALWAYS get fitted with the spring towards the oil!


The Standard CX500s have a plastic Headlight Nacelle that prevents you getting to two of the fork clamping bolts.I took a Soldering iron to the plastic and melted a couple of holes so I could get to them with my Socket and wrench,then dressed them up and re-painted later,

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