Exhaust Collector Box

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Exhaust Collector Box

Postby snatchpiece » Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:10 pm

Hi, has anyone any experience with the pattern exhaust collector boxes on ebay? I'm taking the engine out of my CX500A to renew the alternator and as the current box is one of them non standard skinny ones in lousy condition I thought I'd replace it with an original looking one, I'd have preferred to have got one from David Silver but he doesn't list them on his site.
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Re: Exhaust Collector Box

Postby Gman » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:26 pm

I've bought two over the years for each of my CX500s.I prefer the square type,flat metal type.


http://motorcycleproducts.co.uk/catalog ... 87048.html

I have not used this vendor so don't even know if they have them in stock.

Last year I fitted the more original rounder type and had to hack some bits off my downpipes to make them fit in the front of the box as they pressed against the inside.
Whichever type you go for double check when you present the Down pipes into the box that they are not impeded.I've come to the conclusion that with the age of the bikes and original and pattern parts possibly mixed we may have to do some adjustments and nothing now fits exact unless you are lucky.I find it unlikely there are actually any,"Original" ones made anymore so we may have to be a little inventive.Because of this I don't use the official exhaust seals at the collector box but use either Adhesive exhaust wrap or Metal exhaust tape off Ebay and wrap loads around to seal.I also have standard 1 and 3/4" car exhaust clamps on my present CX500 as they are cheap and stronger than stock ones.

Note:The Collector boxes for the CX500C Custom types are different and cannot be used.

HTH :)
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