Possible Coil Or Spark Plug Issues

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Possible Coil Or Spark Plug Issues

Postby Ben52 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:30 pm

I need to get my 81 CX 500C fixed fast. When It gets hot, The thing refuses to run. It sputters and shuts down. I have fuel spewing from my right carb overflow, and everywhere in between. Everything runs great when the bike is just warmed up, or even cold. But in these hot summer months, in the city, it get really hot. I think the coolant system is fine, I am pretty sure all of my hoses are okay. Again the problems only arise when hot. I have new manifolds on her, and have just replaced the innards of the petcock. Am I looking at bad coils?? If so where can I get some for cheap?
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