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Carburettors Cleaning Important.Read 1st!!!!!!!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:48 am
by Gman
See the other threads in this section for general information but bear in mind the information below.Also all of the below should be done with the Carburettors removed from the bike and in a very clean working environment.

1:The Carburettor boots must have no air-leaks after you re-install the carbs before and after the carbs.

2:In the top of each Carburettor there is a,"Black Banana" plastic cover.This MUST be removed and ALL holes cleaned in the top of the carb.I use a 0.014" Electric Guitar string to poke them through.Some of these holes lead down to the 3 almost invisible small venturi,tubes. 1 before the Throttle Butterflies and 2 behind them.These MUST be cleaned and clear hence the 0.014" guitar string.High pressure air blow,car power washer and or Carb brake cleaner and poke them through as well.

3:The floats must be checked and if needed reset to exactly 15.5mm from the Carburettor body as per the thread in this section and the Float needle valves that sit in them must operate correctly and their holes be clear and cleaned and if necessary re-ground as per the manual using toothpaste.

4:The large O-rings that sit in a groove between the Metal part of the Carburettor boot and the engine must not be damaged/malformed.In an emergency I have seen paper gaskets made used with Silicone Gasket sealer like Blue Hylomar as a temporary fix and it works.

5:The fuel mixture screws and their holes must be correct.The order of the parts goes

Screw/Spring/Small washer/Small O-ring.Check the hole they go into with a Magnifying glass if necessary to make sure nothing is in there preventing the mixture screw from operating.It has been known for small bits of the tiny O-ring to be left in there from previous bad servicing.

Only when you are sure the Coils/Plugs/Battery/Ignition/compression and fuel supply are good can you balance the carbs correctly.However it does no harm to check their balance to see if they are well out.Then bring them in to balance as much as possible and then re-address the above carburation and get everything nominal and then re-balance them.