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Re: Correct Carb Cleaning and Idle Jet/Circuit Cleaning

PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:47 pm
by zmmanley
Hello All,
New to this forum....

Q. Re: How comprehensive is ultrasonic cleaning?

I've read a considerable amount of material about servicing carbs on these bikes and it appears to be as much "ART" as it is "Science". I have one question though...

Can a carb be disassembled (i.e., removing only the parts that are threaded together) and ultrasonically cleaned in state of the art equipment and address the issues highlighted in this post - specifically the idle circuit. I guess what I'm asking is .... can a proper ultrasonic cleaning deal with the small orifices in the carb body and in the press fit idle jet?

It would be disappointing if carbs where sent out for professional cleaning and rebuilding and the idle jet circuit could still come back a problem (potentially worse than before cleaning).

Is this a reasonable question?