Auto Parts Store Radiator hose replacements.

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Auto Parts Store Radiator hose replacements.

Postby Blindstitch2002 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 5:06 am

Posted by N1265

Went down to Advanced Auto Parts today to match up some radiator hose, This is what I come up with :

Top hose : the top hose on the GL500 is straight, I got a 1 foot piece of 1in.diamater heater hose for $1.58, wanted $7.00 for the replacement for the top hose. Altho the 1in. hose is noticabley bigger in ID, I figured if Sidecar Bob has been using it for years with good results then I would too. For the price diffrence I have no problem cutting the hose for the right lenght, It appears to be the same thickness as the orginal hose.

Bottom hose : The bottom hose on the GL500 has a slight bend in it, They matched it up with part # A71651CS which cost me $9.88. wanted $14.00 for the replacement for the bottom hose, Like the top hose it is also 1in. diamater and noticable bigger in ID than the orginal, It also needs to be cut for lenght and appears to be the same thickness. I cant remember if the above prices includes shipping or not.

I am in no way trying to "bash" Service Honda with this post, Just trying to give you guys some insight on what I decided to do.

Posted by an Annonymous person

I had the local NAPA inventory to look through today and found that their #8230 looks to have the right bends to cut out the bottom & top radiator hoses for the GL650. Not sure what the original vehicle application for this hose was?? This hose has an ID of slightly larger than the original and measures about 15/16" so, as noted earlier in this thread, some compression with the hose clamps will be needed. Just thought a numbered alternative would be appreciated out there.

Posted by Knute

I've have found a Gates 19601 with all the bends to nicely fit and replace the hoses.

It has 2 45 els and a 90 el. $14.00 + tax. Local Oreily's
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