Fork Preload Spacers.

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Fork Preload Spacers.

Postby Blindstitch2002 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:58 am

Are your forks a bit saggy? Do they just not feel right. Well maybe the addition of a preload spacer can help.

Info from LRCXed Larry.

I did the spacer today for a set of polished forks I sold. I just shortened a set of 7/8" handle bars for my son CX500 custom and had 2 pieces about 1 inch long left over from cutting the bars shorter. I got them even on my metal lathe. The cut pieces fit perfectly in diamiter.
When it comes to reinstalling the caps, I leave the short spring out and put the cap in to see where the male and female threads line up to start them threading together. I then put a mark on the tube and the cap so I know where to position the cap while I'm pushing it down against the spring. It works the first time every time because your not searching to find the catch point. AND, less of a chance of cross threading the cap.

Blindstitch cheap tip.
If you're short on cash and want to be lazy and not modify some bar lengths you can stop into your local hardware store and pick up a 1/2 inch pvc pipe coupler. They cost about 29 cents and fit right where they need to.


In addition to adding spacers it is also a good idea to drain the fork oil and replace it with 20 weight fork oil. I use BelRay 20w and like it.
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