Collected Quick Reference to General and Custom info

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Collected Quick Reference to General and Custom info

Postby Blindstitch2002 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:53 am

The organization of things on the Chopper Charles forum sucks so I was thinking about linking some stuff from here to there so I could find it some day.

Quick list on CC just in case it gets buried.

A list of Quick Reference items for new and old users.

Engine Oil--- Use 10w-40 or 15w-40 non-synthetic oils or your clutch will slip.
Most prefer to use Rotella 15w-40 as their brand of choice. The
newer oils have additives that create problems with a wet clutch.

HTTA Stuff
(Honda Transverse Twin Association) If you have one you're a member.

Manuals, Articles and other.
[color="#FF0000"]A google account is needed to access the information.[/color]

Group Discount on Honda Parts.
"For International shipments, Discount Honda adds $28 per order to domestic shipping rates and ships by USPS Priority mail. Shipping rates are the same for Canada as they are for India. It may not be economical to ship small orders internationally. If buying from Canada and the order is a small part; call John to see if he can give a better rate on the shipment.

HTTA Traveler Assistance


New Members on Chopper Charles and Sheps Global forum.

So, you wanna buy a used motorcycle - A good check list

New bike. What do I do?

Keys Cut From Code. ... -for-keys/

How to post photos.

CX/GL Serials IDs for all years and models

Speedo/Tach ratios
Most vintage hondas have the same tach and speedometer ratiso. Speedo ratio is 2240=60mph. Tach is 1:4.

Resetting a Speedometer to 000000 ... entry75006

Choke cable doesn't stay in place when pulled.

Taking apart the igniton switch and what's inside.

Finding an electrical Short.

Motorcycle Electrical Troubleshooting write up courtesy of DaveF ... /index.htm

What Octane
These bikes run fine on 87 octane.

Rebuilding the Starter
Ofapars Starter repair

Stator Check.

Main Fuse Change

Changing Brake pads ... ?f=11&t=79

Servicing Calipers ... ?f=11&t=44

Brake and Master Cylinder rebuild and repair.

Cheap Brake Crush Washer or How to fix them
10mm auto washers or heat them red hot on a brick to anneal them and then let them cool. ... aspx#75101

Stainless Steel Brake Lines - U.S. Source
JDA Enterprises
Email ( or Call (530-365-8400) Craig Raudman

Making Gaskets.

How to hotwire your bike ... otwire.htm

How to build a 7 volt regulator

Float bowl repair

Wiring diagrams

Spark plug resistor cap rebuild

How to adjust valve tappets and the cam chain. ... wPost.aspx
Video how to.. viewtopic.php?f=17&t=687

CDI replacement Coils

Tach Drive seal

In Bike transmission removal and replacement tool.

Shifter Seal Replace

Draining and changing the final drive oil.

Mechanical Seal in bike install or engine out

Servicing the Prolink suspension and adding Zerk Fittings

Yamaha XVS1100 shock replacement for gl650 ... sion-work/

Where is the Weep Hole

O-ring List

Tapered Steering Head Bearings install (NOT CX/GL BUT GOOD ENOUGH) ... index.html

Fork Seal change (NOT CX OR GL BUT CLOSE) ... index.html

Fork Preload Spacer and oil change

Fuel filter

Fuel Hose
1/4 for cx500 7mm for gl

Vacuum Petcock hose connection

Replacement Radiator hoses

Parts Interchange List

How to wire a Stator

Stator sources (If you need a stator)
Ricks Motorsports or Custom Rewind ... ailure.htm

Ignitech and stator upgrade. Stator option.

No need for a flywheel puller.
M20x 1.5 or a Large Subaru drain pain bolt which is the same size but needs a washer glued to the end to get a hair more length.

Dental Mirror Cam Chain Inspection

Auto Cam Chain Wear. (650 specific) ... entry86412

Fan puller bolt.
M14 x 1.5 about 2 inches long. Or in a pinch the rear axle could be used but not prefered.

Oil filters Aftermarket and other.
Honda 154A1-413-005 or 15410-KEA-305
Fram CH6007
Purolator ML16807
Wix 24938
K&N KN-111
NAPA Gold 1217

Copper Squash Gaskets (exhaust header) - (Cx500, Cx650, Gl500, Gl650, Gl1000, Gl1100)
NAPA; Fel-Pro part number 60567 or 12-1002

Cheap Thermostat.
NAPA – 535080
Stant – 45868 Some say they work and some say they are a hair to tall.
Autozone – 15868

How to change tires.

Removing the rear wheel. Gl specific. Has 3 or more steps than the CX other wise it's the same.

Removing a GL Front Wheel

CB900 and other Honda Brake Caliper swap. ... -swap.html

Replacing a Cx/Gl500 clutch with a Cx/Gl650 Clutch to shave 300rpms at highway speed.


Post your Ride

Australian SuperTank build

Dyna Wide Glide seat on a Custom

Dyna Wide Glide seat on a Deluxe

Deluxe tank on custom

Ammo can saddle bags

Air box removed Battery holder

Forward Controls

Rear disc brake on a gl500 ... spx#129768

78 cx500 Maggot style gauges modified

Sheps Electric fan fix

DaveF's electric fan upgrade with tons of info. ... s-writeup/

Cheap Harley Mufflers for CX/GL

How to Polish Aluminum

Highway Bars

Gl1100 lowers

Progressive fork springs

Inexpensive Gl500 Trunk Relocator

Carb Related

Larry's Guide to Rebuilding Carbs

Carb Cut Away

Float bowl OVERFLOW tube replacement ... placement/

2 into 1 and K & N pod filter jetting
Blindstitch Combo: MAC 2 into 1 with K&N Filter 90/120 3 1/2 turns out
Cataclism Combo: MAC 2 into 1 with K&N pods 85/130 1 turn out
Exhausts without the hbox have similar jetting.

Carb idle screw starting point.
2 to 2 1/2 turns out.

Removing or replacing your carbs

Carb cleaning
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1979 Honda Cx500 Custom Supertanker
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Re: Collected Quick Reference to General and Custom info

Postby Nail » Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:52 am

Thanks for share Good info.....
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Re: Collected Quick Reference to General and Custom info

Postby purplecx » Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:06 am

Hello I see the combo of pods with the cv carbs ..............Is there anything special that needs to be done to make pods work with stock carbs other than
jetting ?

members of other sites seem to have lots of problems once they remove the air box.

I've heard /read some very mickey mouse fixes......i want to get as much from stock engine by tuning for the time being .

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Re: Collected Quick Reference to General and Custom info

Postby Gman » Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:38 pm

There is no real advantage to fitting pods.You most likely won't gain any performance.Honda designed the system for the best overall torque,power,economy and speed delivery.Even changing the carbs will most likely have an adverse effect on the overall performance.Don't let this stop you though and if you do fit pods just use jet sizes that others have used.
The constant velocity system is a,"Half-way house" between the old inefficient,"Slide Carbs" and before modern,"Fuel Injection" systems came along.
The best performance boost is one people don't like to address and that's rider weight.I know this for a fact as I put weight on after giving up smoking and went over 200 lbs and over the past year or so have dieted and exercised and got down to under 170 Lbs and went from only 130/135 miles to reserve back up to over 180 miles to reserve with the same spirited riding and of course my CX is very nippy again and even a little more with my Electric Fan conversions :)
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