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Tips on posting

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:43 pm
by I'm going to GL
I thought I would provide a few very BASIC tips to those that have yet to discover some of the many features available on this forum.

For starters, unless you have certain credentials (Administrator or Moderator permissions), you will not be able to add new subjects in the in the 'Board Index' area. Therefore, in order to crate a 'new topic' or 'post a reply' you must first make a selection from the 'Board Index' area and navigate from there. The only way around this is to seek the review and approval from an Administrator in order to get something added to the Board Index area. Administrators can be reached from the Board Index by scrolling down and clicking on 'Administrators'. This feature keeps the main index tidy so things are easier to find for everyone.

So, when you're ready start a new topic, begin your navigation from the 'Board Index' by selecting one of the subjects headers shown. From there, you can immediately start your own thread button selecting the 'New Topic' button at the top left which will open a text entry window along with numerous control button features. Additionally, from this area, you can also 'load' a saved 'draft' that you have stored in your own user control area.