Tyre/Tire fitting.Puncture Prevention

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Tyre/Tire fitting.Puncture Prevention

Postby Gman » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:47 am

Many moons ago I was a tyre fitter.

I've just fitted a new rear tyre.Michelin M45 400x19" (UK CX500) Tube type(Best rear tyre I've ever had so far and cheap.Eats road ruts,road markings and cattle grids for stability)

Bead Broken with an 8" C/G clamp and a small piece of wood to spread the pressure against the bead.

Tyre removed using two long 24" Tyre irons and a cheap rubber camping mallet.


Inner rim cleaned and any burrs removed with grit paper.Because these are not spoked wheels I have never bother with T/T rim tape,


Refit using Tyre leavers to get one side on and then carefully insert tube if Tube type and align correctly to the Valve.Then hammer 2nd side into the rim using heel of the foot to press the tyre down whilst hammering with the Rubber camping mallet.This does not damage the tyres.I've been using this method for over 30 years.

I have a spray bottle with some water/washing up liquid mix for lubrication.

Bedding the bead:

The tyre needs to inflated to a higher than usage pressure normally to seat the bead(Lubricate).There should be a small thin marker band near the rim bead.When this is equal all around the rim then the tyre is correctly seated.Getting the seal to start can be hard so I use a Ratchet securing Strap on T/L tyres around the tyre and my compressor.
This is one advantage of the T/T tyres as they are much easier to inflate/seat for the home user.

Note:Some people have an unfounded rear of T/T tyres.There is no evidence that they are any more prone to punctures than T/L tyres or any more dangerous.There are 10s of thousands of Classic bike riders that have and are using them as we speak including myself.

Note:I have not had a puncture for over 8 years but I also use Slime


or Goop


16 Oz does two motorcycle wheels.

HTH :)
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