Painting/Spraying Tips

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Painting/Spraying Tips

Postby Gman » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:03 pm

You can use touch up cans after rust treating areas and some,"Poor mans" tricks like draping old bits of cloth/bed sheets over parts where you don't want over-spray and cut a some small squares of cardboard from cereal packets and hold them in one hand against an area whilst spraying with the other.

Another tip is if you want to brush touch-up but use the colour from a Spray can is to spray some of the paint into the Top of the can and then dip your small pencil/artist brush into the paint.

Another tip is if you don't have masking tape.Cut some 1" wide strips from a newspaper and then soak them in water just before use.Then put them where you want to mask making sure you don't get any water where you are going to paint,then paint and remove.This also works well for house painting/windows and does not leave,"Masking Gum" on the job :D

Lastly.Put some warm water in the sink and leave your spray/rattle cans in there whilst you prep the job.The paint will spray and adhere better if warm and try not to paint onto cold metal.I use a Hairdryer to warm parts/areas before spraying.

HTH :)
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