Frame Rot Prevention

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Frame Rot Prevention

Postby snatchpiece » Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:25 pm

Whilst I have the engine out of my CX500A I am wire brushing the rear frame back to bare metal and repainting it, I am very encouraged by the condition of the frame tubes however one of the dreaded rear footrest hangers developed a hole in front of my eyes whilst I was wire brushing (it was a very coarse brush loaded into a powerfull drill). As this hole is only bout 5mm big I thought I would carefully grind it to a perfect circle and fit a grommet into it, before doing so squirting/spraying oil or some other form of prevention inside it to stave off the inevitable for a few years. What do you think? Is there something better than oil? if this is a good idea would it make sense to drill two small holes into the top of the swinging arm box section and do the same, or would it either weaken it or register an MOT failure?
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Re: Frame Rot Prevention

Postby Gman » Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:56 pm

One of my Rear foot-peg hangers/Triangles was so bad I had to grind it off and make a 1/4" mild steel Triangle to replace it so if you can preserve it it will be good.
De-rust and then I use Hammerite Kurust ... nkw=kurust

or similar,then some cold zinc spray as a primer and then paint it up.It would do no harm to fill it with oil or even grease and then clean up around it afterwards. ... Categories

Tip:Hairdryer used to heat up the job and then the treatments and paint speeds the job up loads :)
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