So you have bought a CX/GL.Quick checklist

Anything you like really.Wheels/Tyres/Tanks/Brakes e.g running gear etc :)
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So you have bought a CX/GL.Quick checklist

Postby Gman » Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:56 am

Buy or download a Manual.

You can get them off Ebay as well

I like the Haynes Manuals.
There are some free ones to download but some of them are not very good.Use google.

1:Brakes/Cables and Tyres.Check they are working correctly and ASAP check the pads off the bike(I recommend EBC pads) and when you are confident the rear brake shoes and all linkages and cables.Change the fluid for Dot 3 or Dot 4 brake fluid.Check tyre condition and pressure and if they have any cracks replace them.

2:Check Security e.g all main nuts and bolts on the wheels,steering,forks,gear pedal,brake pedal and that nothing is loose and it's all correctly torqued up.

3:Check Electrics.Check all lights,indicators,brake lights etc and warning lights are working.Battery terminals and condition of the main fuse near the battery and the two Aux fuses under the Plate on the handlebars.It's a good policy to buy a new battery as you never know the age and real state of the old one(but keep the old one as a spare and keep it topped up).

4:Change oil(10w40/15w40/20w50 cheap mineral depending on climate.Walmart/Asda) and filter and check inside oil filter housing that the washer and spring are there.If not do not ride the bike for long until you get them because lack of them can cause premature engine failure.
Also change drive box oil.Type is marked on the housing e.g Hypoid 80/90(autozone type shops sell it)

5:Change coolant:50/50 mix best with distilled water(Rain water or freezer defrosted ice is calcium free).

6:When you get conversant with the bike change the Fork oil for the much better 20w fork oil instead of the old weak ATF fluid that Honda used.It makes a world of difference to the handling and braking.

7:Again when you are confident but ASAP learn how to remove the front engine casing when you change the oil the 1st time and clean the sump and the Oil pump oil filter Gauze.This often gets overlooked and a clogged oil pump filter will reduce the efficiency of the oil system leading to premature engine wear and possible failure!
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Re: So you have bought a CX/GL.Quick checklist

Postby Missourimike » Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:30 pm

As for coolant/anti-freeze replacement....DO NOT use one with silicant as it is an abrasive cleaner that will eat up your small water pump seal.
Peak brand does not use silicant/silica. Check the ingredients on the label for any other brand of coolant.
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