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Homemade Gaskets(How to)

PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 11:59 pm
by Gman
The small capital outlay to make these will pay you back in money saved and lack of frustration.

Gasket paper=Approx 0.8mm or 3/16" imperial thickness.

Yellow pages or Ebay

UK:This is a helluva roll,

I get mine from a local engineering suppliers(Yellow pages).

Cheap set of Leather punches(Metric or Imperial) off Ebay.



Melted down big fishing weight as a,"Last" to punch into.

Boot Black polish stick or similar to mark parts so you can press the part onto the paper to make the template.For example.
Clean the surface of the rear engine cover so it's dry and free of all debris/grease/oil etc.Light rub with Scotchbrite or 500 wet and dry to make a good surface for re-fit.Then wipe with some tissue.
Paint plenty of Liquid boot black onto the surface and quickly press the cover onto the paper and press down for say 10 seconds.

Then punch out holes areas with the punches into something soft like the lead I use or a bit of soft wood.

I use a small pair of curved blade scissors(Toe nail scissors<grin>) to cut out the rest.

TIP:Keep the centre piece of paper as it can be used for smaller gaskets like the Tacho drive.

Re: Homemade Gaskets(How to)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:13 am
by oldgeezR
Another technique to add to this,I remember back in the day the olde school mechanics would apply the gasket paper on the part,(especially easy if part is out) and gently tap around edges,and holes several times of the said part with the round end of a small ballpene hammer. Did I mention Gently...need to stress that extra strongly if part is cast,ie:breakable. This technique in some cases can be more convenient than marking the part with something,because if paper slips,then you don't get precise markings. And the tapping technique is not always easy to hold the paper up to mounted part with one hand and tap with the other,especially if you have very little room to maneuver hammer...depends on the part. But now you have two ways to make a gasket,(do whatever is easiest for job)two is better than one,right. 8-)