Removing Forks: GL with air assist

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Removing Forks: GL with air assist

Postby abes_cw » Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:46 pm

Alright, I have started the process of doing the Fork Seals on Beta: The job isn't finished but I thought I'd post up the info to get the forks off the bike.

CX and GLi are very similar. The GLi has air assist, with a crossover tube, so the CX's with air assist should also be close to this.

Remove the Fairing.

Remove calipers, spedo cable, bungee the calipers to the engine area so they are out of the way and not hanging by the brake lines. Remove front wheel (see future thread for wheel removal).

You can drop the forks together, with the fender still attached, or remove fender at this step. I usually pull the fender now.

10mm x 4 Note position of brackets for re installation


***This step is Air Assist Specific****

Remove the four phillips screws holding your indicator light cluster. The cluster will lift off. Have any bulbs burned out? Good time to change them now.

This allows clearance for the air crossover.

Loosen the wiring box, or if you have an aftermarket headlight that clamps to the forks, loosen or remove the mounts.
Loosen, but do not remove, the lower and upper yoke bolts.
Upper 10mm You may need two 10mm, one for each side.
lower, 14mm.

****This step is air assist specific*****

Slide the forks UP in the triple. The goal here is to have the air hose clear the ignition cylender. The first time I removed forks, I removed the hose where it rests, and it was a piddly job with very little clearance. This simple step makes the job much much easier.

On one side there is a double nut that allows for removal. I used locking pliers on one side, and 12 mm wrench on the other. 2 wrenches would work, this is what I had handy. In this photo, note its the 12mm spanner that is doing the twisting, removing the hose from the shraeder.

Note the o-ring on the end. Make sure it's there, and don't lose it. Your system won't hold air without them, there is one on both sides.

Remove from other side. 12mm again, o-ring in this side too.



Note in this photo I have a spanner on the top cap on the fork. I will be opening the forks, if you aren't then this step is not neccessary. 17mm fits this perfectly. Tighten temporarily the 14mm lower pinch bolt on the triple on each side, then use the 17mm to loosen slightly the top caps. You are using the triple as a vice to hold the fork. If you attempt to loosen these off the bike, you will find it very difficult without the use of a vice, and one must be careful not to mar or distort the sliders. This is the best way. Don't loosen them to far, the springs underneath are under pressure, and you could have dangerous projectiles scattering to various dark corners of your work space.

Now re-loosen that 14 pinch bolt in the triple, and wriggle your forks down and out. Finito.
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Re: Removing Forks: GL with air assist

Postby osurfc » Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:30 am

awesome post! I am restoring an 81 cx500. the headlamp stays are dented and bent. do you know if i follow these steps will they come right off?
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