Basic Carb Removal(May vary a little by model)

Correctly servicing the Carburettors on these bikes is paramount to good running and fuel economy so any work done will pay back in better mileage :)
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Basic Carb Removal(May vary a little by model)

Postby Gman » Mon May 16, 2011 12:45 am

Although some of the below can be omitted I find it easier to work with the seat and tanks of as it gives better access and more light on the job.

Switch off Petcock.
Remove seat.
Remove tank and fuel pipe off the carbs.
Loosen front Carb boot clamps and back carb boot clamps.Do NOT pull the Air-box Carb boots out of the Air-box!!(They are a PITA to get back in).

Undo carb to engine bolts.
Note:My UK CX500s have a rear engine hanger.This has a large bolt through it and also I loosen the other two bolts at the top of the bracket and swing the Bracket out of the way.You have to slack the front coils bolt as well for this.This gives better access.

Remove any coolant pipes if they are threaded through the carbs.

You can now manoeuvre the carbs out of the left hand side of the bike with the overflow pipes attached.Make a note of which cables goes where or take a Picture of them if you are going to remove the cables or if you are just getting access to the Water pump swing them up on top of the frame and tie them there with a bit of wire or masking tape.

Note:Once carbs are disturbed if they have not been recently serviced they may dislodge debris inside and cause problems on refit.

Also a common fault after carbs have been removed are carb boot leaks on refit so click here,
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